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Why Fluorocarbon?

Clear water conditions calls for it!  Abrasive structure calls for it!  And most of all, fussy fish call for it!  Now let me ask this; would a puppet show be more creative if we could not see the puppet’s ‘life’ lines?  Would magicians object moving tricks be as real if… Read more

Smallmouth Tactics

It takes a certain unique type of angler to pursue the Smallmouth Bass.  They are stubborn, adventurous, persistent, patient and most of all versatile!  Sometimes being a bit of a scientist helps.  Equations consisting of temperature, structure, cover and food source will eventually equal success.  A good Smallmouth angler also… Read more

Largemouth Bass Extravaganza

Sometimes figuring out a productive pattern can take hours if not days.  But when we eventually do figure it out, Bucket mouth can be had by the ‘buckets’.  There are many factors to consider when patterning a good day out on the water.  Wind, sun, temperature, food, cover, these are… Read more

Catch and Release Bass

Even today, with all our angling knowledge, some anglers still don’t get it!  I recently worked an outdoors show in the Southern Ontario area and noticed booths adjacent to ours promoting hunting and fishing in Ontario’s great north.  Of course, pictures galore were plastered all over the walls of all… Read more

Frog Rod And Reel Combos

Two things come to mind when choosing a top water frog combo; strength and castability. Fishing top water baits such as the frog require slow twitching retrieves.  When I fish these types of baits I like my rod tip to be between ten and twelve o’clock. That is my comfort… Read more

Crank Bait Rod And Reel Combos

When fishing with crank baits I prefer a particular set up that is very specific for the task.  A rod and reel cranking combo consists of a good flexible, but strong rod and a solid reel with a proper gear ratio. What is a proper cranking gear ratio you ask? … Read more

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