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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Finding Submerged Weeds Lines

By Nic DiGravio

Polarized sunglasses are essential for finding submerged weed lines, but even with our glasses on certain weather conditions make it that much more difficult to find that perfect weed line.  Murky or deep water requires the need for our sonar skills and that is another topic altogether.

Weather, believe it or not, can sometimes be in our favour.  Wind creates ripples and rain creates havoc!  But there is a way to reap rewards from it.  If you take the time to look around you on the waters surface you will notice a difference in the shape and or characteristics of it.  Sometimes ripples are non existent in certain pockets and there is good reason for this.  If we really think about it, it makes sense why that is.  There must be an inconsistency in the water column.  In other words, there is some type of structure in there to cause that difference.  And that, in many cases, is a good sign of weed line structure.  Obviously deep weed lines will not cause such a definite difference, but in relatively shallow water it is a sure sign, especially when weeds are just below the waters surface.  In calm waters they would be more difficult to find unless you are right on top of them.

When pre-fishing for a tournament I want a little breeze so that I can find certain characteristics quickly!  

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