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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Tube Jig Tactics

By Nic DiGravio

tube jig tacticsThe tube jig, as we all know, is infamous Bass fishing bait.  When it comes to the jig head itself, what type are you using?  Long ago tube jigging was done with a barrel shaped jig head that had to first be inserted into the tube from the back end then tied on to our main line.  On the water it can be time consuming, but they are quite handy at times.  For example, when dock fishing I like to insert these jig heads not quite all the way in so that it traps air, therefore prolonging its spiral fall to the bottom.  This ‘hang time’ under docks is lethal and best done with the cylindrical head. 

The other type of tube jig head has a different shape all together.  It is not cylindrical tube jig tacticsin shape, it is tapered and for good reason.  Time on the water is not wasted using this type of jig.  Instead of inserting it from the back end we insert the jig, hook first, in the front end.  Basically, where the eye of the jig protrudes the tube is where we insert the point of the hook, and keep inserting until the jig is totally buried in the tube.  There is no re-tying.  This jig head has a great advantage over the other type in that, obviously, we save a lot of time and most importantly, when the bite is on, changing used tubes is a snap. 

tube jig tacticsA little trick I have learned through the years is before inserting the tapered jig head into the tube, hook first, I like to put a dab of saliva onto the head itself to lubricate it to help penetrate the tube.  It may sound a little weird, but in my many years as a carpenter I have learned that to help a nail penetrate wood without cracking or damaging it I will moisten it with my own saliva and ‘presto’, no cracking.  It is nature’s lubricant, if you will, and it works.  Rigging this way helps prevent cracks in our tubes and creates a better seal with a smaller hole.  It makes sense and has been proven over the many years.  Hey, I have even run nails through my hair before hammering them into lumber to prevent cracks and it also works.  Our hair has natural oils, even after washing daily, but I wouldn’t recommend running a jig through your hair because that would be quite painful if one was to… know!  But…it would work too!

These two common tube jig heads are very popular in Bass fishing today and any little tricks we learn like making rigging easier or adding buoyancy to our tubes helps.  Little tube tactics like these can make all the difference in the world! 

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