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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Specialized Reels

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing reels tackle tipsSpecialized reels, to me, are gold out on the water.  And what is a specialized reel you ask?  Well, a reel with special added tools such as flipping switches fit the category.  These reels specialize in flipping, of course, with the added bonus of good quick reeling with high ratios.  Line capacity is also a special item because when fishing the Carolina rig or in deep water, for example, the more line the better. 

When skipping docks line capacity reels are not important as far as I am concerned.  What should be special in this case is the speed of the reel and type.  Spinning is best with a 6.0:1 gear ratio because free spooling ease can be had and slack line can be kept at a minimum.   These characteristics are what make this type of reel special for skipping.

Certain features are incorporated into reels for a reason.  Fast trigger spinning reels like the Spirex from Shimano is a good special tool to have when working crank baits or stick baits.  Reel it home, then just simply press the trigger and cast again and again.  All one has to do is reel back enough and ‘presto’, always in the same position.  Now try setting the hook on a Bass while dragging a tube with this type of reel and you will have that ever present line of travel to the trigger position.  And that could mean the loss of a good fish.  It is still, however, a specialized reel, in my opinion.

 I know, believe me, specialized reels require special budgets, especially when they are many and the dollars are few.  There are many reels that will do many tasks, special or not, and when choosing a reel, keeping things in perspective is key.  What will we be doing with this reel?  Do we need a high gear ratio or large line capacity reel?  Or, better yet, do we specialize in one rig only?  Hey, don’t knock it!  Many tournament anglers I know use jigs and trailers exclusively, and carry two or three of the same specialized combo with the only difference being jig colors.  It works for them, so it might work for you too.  But for me, well, I am partial to all my specialty combos.  I like to be ready for any special circumstance where Bass can be had.  I love a good challenge where variety and versatility is constantly utilized!

Now how about specialized rods or combos, fishing line, baits, rigs, the list is endless.  But keep in mind that each and every little special item incorporated into fishing products is there for good reason; and that is to put fish in the live well using the best resources and technology available!  And that, my Bass angler friends, is a fact!  

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