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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Set The Hook

By Nic DiGravio

I have seen it more times than I care to remember!  Setting the hook too soon is a common mistake many anglers just can’t shake off!

Any top water bait used requires a main rule of thumb when setting the hook; wait until you feel the weight of the fish then send the hook home!  By waiting, it gives us a sign that Mr. Bass likes what he has in his mouth and doesn’t want to let go.  Basically, to him, it is an easy meal.  If you take it away too soon the Bass doesn’t have time to grab and go, then munch!  Feeling the weight of the Bass ensures good hook sets so be patient.  I know it’s hard to do, especially when your heart is racing with unbearable excitement.  The reward on the end of our line is well worth it!

“That’s fine and dandy”, you ask!  “But what about baits used below the waters surface?”  Another sure sign of when to set the hook using baits below the surface is petty obvious.  When you find your bait moving dramatically or even barely from where you first put it I would say; set the hook now!  Movement signifies the fish’s intent.  It definitely likes what it has in its mouth so why wait, set the hook!

Any awkward movement from my bait boosts my confidence in knowing that fish will be in the live well.  Now, when nibble, nibble, nibble seems to be the scenario, then it’s our best guess when to set the hook.  This signifies a Bass with a full stomach or a lethargic fish due to a cold front or just cool water.  When nibbling is felt then time is needed.  Let the Bass feel no restriction in the bait and give it ample slack line it needs to explore its new found food.  After a few seconds pass or lack of fish detection, move the bait slightly with the rod tip and if you feel weight, set the hook.  Many times the movement of the bait will provoke a strike, especially when its taste buds tell it to.  This is why scent is good to use on cold front days or heavy pressured fishing real-estate.  It works! 

Don’t let little nibbles fool you into thinking the Bass are small.  Quite the contrary, there have been many instances where that little nibbler bends the rod into oblivion sending a smile across my face from ear to ear.  Is there a better feeling? 

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