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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Salted Baits

By Nic DiGravio

salted baits - bass fishing tackle tips

Are salted baits really what they say they are?  Salted!  Anyone can add salt to their bait bag and shake well before using, but is it in the plastic itself?  Did the package say in or on the bait? 

The truth is, ‘on the bait’ works and ‘in the bait’ works too.  Salt added on the bait itself will definitely give it that added salty taste, but its longevity is limited. Still, it does get its fair share of fish in the well. 

When a package claims that it is impregnated with salt, how would we know whether it is or not?  We weren’t there during the birth from its mould, but it sure feels quite salty on the outside! Salt impregnated into the bait is there for two reasons; for buoyancy and taste. 

A good quality salty plastic will have good weight to it, but don’t let that fool you.  We all know that staying a float in salted water is a little easier than fresh water because of the salt and its buoyant qualities.  So why would salted baits be any different?  Salted bait has that slow fall, attracting fish due to its hang time.  The salt in the bait also gives it authenticity for the Bass when biting because the salt also tends to give the plastic a softer feel.  Keep in mind that salt impregnated baits don’t last as long as salted baits when the Bass bite them, but the hook up ratio is up to par and at times more so.  Each bait style has its advantages and times of usage. 

One sure way of putting the bait to the salty test is if the package claims to have salt added anglers only have to open the bag and see and feel for themselves to justify their claim.  But if they say salt impregnated then the one true way of knowing what you’re getting is to open the package and literally take one of the baits and squeeze while pulling apart the bait to really see the salt ooze out.  We don’t need to break it we just need to pull it apart carefully to check for salt.  Obviously, if salt is seen then it is definitely salt impregnated. 

Some bait has more salt but any salt helps for success.  Whether it is on or in the plastic at least now you know how to check if it is or not!  

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