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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Does Rod Size Matter?

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing tips

Rod size, big or small, can give us Bass anglers another edge for success on the water.  It could be the difference in not only comfort, but practicality in its usage.  Again, every little bit counts especially when ounces can mean the difference in tournament success.

There are different sizes for good reason.  Mind you, an angler’s height plays a major role as well, but overall rod size differences still apply.  For example, in dunking, as long a rod as possible is preferred so that the reach is there.  A longer rod is also handy for pitching short distances which is the norm and helps create that all important pendulum effect for a stealth approach.  Skipping is much easier done with a shorter rod so that the angler can skip the bait as close to the water surface as possible without sacrificing accuracy.  Carolina rigging is better implemented with a longer rod as well for the many added feet of dragging and sweeping hook sets. 
Rod length applies to shore anglers more so because the longer rod gives better distance in the casts, as well as good solid hook sets to get the Bass in for that great picture.  Drop shotting is best done with a good lengthy rod for both the cast and working the bait.  So, as you can tell different size rods go hand in hand with specialty situations and in order to achieve the results we want on the water we use what’s best suited for the task. 

All in all rod size does matter, but there are exceptions of course and there always will be.  But in deciding what length to use, comfort definitely plays a major role in our decision.  If it doesn’t feel comfortable then confidence is sacrificed and that is not a good start to our day.  Confidence starts at the rod, then the reel, and because it is comfortable, it becomes part of our anatomy. That raises the level of concentration on what we are doing, not on what we are using!  Therefore, focusing solely on what we are doing will only make us do it better with more SUCCESS!

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