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Precision Pitching for Bass

By Nic DiGravio

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A precise first pitch into cover usually spells BASS!  But we all know that distinct pockets in heavy cover, or adjacent to, are hard targets to hit given only one chance.  Many of us seem to forget that all important parameter in our pitches!  And that is, focusing on our targets not our swings.  How the bait gets there is already mastered by practicing in our backyards!  By the way, my neighbours think I am ready for medical help!  Anyway, concentration when we are on the water should be on the target and the target only in my opinion. 

Consider this……Some of you will find this hard to believe, but I compare my pitching to my golf swing.  “What?” You say!  In golf I know that if I take my eyes off that ball it goes wild, if I hit it at all.  Obviously, you can tell I am not an advanced golfer!  If any of you do golf then you know that keeping your eye on the ball is the first and most important lesson taught!  Well, pitching with precision is much the same in that we should keep our eyes on the target rather than the bait.  By doing so I know it brings confidence to the table.  With concentration, believe it or not, the hands and arms will follow through, putting that bait where you want it just like in golf.

Set up the pitch, stare the target down, then follow through.  Try not to concentrate on your technique too much, but rather the target.  By all means, we should practice our pitching ‘swing’ because with practice the swing of the pitch will become second nature allowing us to keep our eyes fixed on the target.

In pitching there are many variables indeed.  From the rod length and action, to the height of the angler, distance to target, weight of the bait pitched, reel settings, the list seems endless.  Some anglers probably already have all these mentioned down pat.  Remembering that all important ‘keep your eye on the target’ factor we can finish our perfect swing with an, “oooohh, aaaahhh, “NICE PITCH!” 

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