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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Lubricate to stay great

Todd Spurgeon

So guys, tell me. How many times have you bought a new reel, taken it out of the box and thrown away the blueprints? Well, I have. And through experience, I've found that if you want your reels to last, they should be re-spooled and lubricated. Yes! Cleaned, greased and oiled.

Check your blueprint for proper lubrication points and products that were designed for the wet weather. For instance. At your local retailer you will find many options in lubricating your reels in the form of oil pens and semi-synthetic lubricants such as Quantam's Hot Sauce Reel Oil. Lubricate every 5th or 6th outing, making sure to loosen your drag completely in-between reel usages.

Do this and you'll be fishing with that Reel for years to come!

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