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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


'Freeing Up' Snags

By Nic DiGravio

Many braided line or ‘rope’ users out there must have, at one point or another, dealt with hang ups!  Hmm… we just cut our line or do we wait for some miracle to free us from this dreadful circumstance?  No, of course not!  What we do is try our best to free up that snag without getting our feet wet!

Try this!  Now, some of you may frown at my way of freeing up my snags, but this method, to me, is the quickest and most efficient way to perform such a miracle!  I use my rod tip!

snags in snags out

Use the bow mount electric motor to get you as close to the snag as you can.  Reel in as much line as possible until the rod tip touches the hung up bait.  Obviously, snags that are deeper than the length of your rod will be sacrificed unless you happen to have a snorkel kit handy.  With the rod tip snug against the bait, simply push away in the opposite direction of your initial cast and ‘presto’, you’re free!  

This is where the, “I’m not doing that to my rod” routine comes in.  I have been doing this for years and I have yet to break a rod in doing so or even damage one.  Rods are meant to be used and if it works, which I know it does, I will use it to help keep braided line out of the water.  Besides, have you priced a quality spinner bait lately?  I have had hang ups with yards of old abandoned braided line from other previous anglers and believe me, it’s not pretty. 

Come to think of it; braided line or not, I still use this method of freeing up my snags and have even convinced a proud St. Croix owner to do the same.  It doesn’t matter what brand of rod you use, it is a fast and effective way of freeing up snags with nature in mind. 

Wouldn’t we rather be fishing than cutting and re-tying over and over again!  I know I would!

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