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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


flipping and pitching

by Nelson Murikami

Pitching is basically an underhand cast where the bait swings from the boat and maintains a low trajectory to the target. In largemouth fishing almost all of the shallow water structure can be effectively fished with the pitching technique.

Pitching with a baitcast reel takes practice but the results are well worth the efforts. The keys to effective pitching are distance and distance control and soft entry of the bait into the water (minimal splash or disturbance).

Start with a quality baitcasting reel. The more freely the spool spins, the easier it is to pitch. Your height and reach will dictate the right rod length and fast tip actions are preferred.

Practice pitching with heavier jigs and progress to lighter weights to develop the proper wrist action. You should not have to touch the bait with your open hand. This will encourage you not to try to throw the bait or "sling shot it". It should be all in the timing of your release.

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