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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Customizing Your Jig

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing tips

When it comes to jigs, rarely do I fish it right out of the package without some kind of fine tuning.  I like a nice compact look to my jigs so I hook the trailer lengthwise threading the hook horizontally through the meat of the trailer instead of just poking it through the trailer.  Even when using chunks I like this method of rigging my jigs.  Pork is different in that, well, have fun hooking it through lengthwise because you’d best be near a hospital; you will need one. 

By threading the hook through onto the shank of the hook we have created a compact Bass catching unit.  Many jig skirts come over sized, as far as I am concerned.   Because of the short bite trailer, I like to cut back the skirt so that the trailer can do its thing freely, without coming in contact with anything but the fish’s mouth.  By cutting back the skirt it tends to spread out a little more.  In the water, the flaring out makes a world of difference. It gives it more body and quicker motion with the tip of the rod and that is more appealing to the Bass. 

Another thing I check for is the strength of the weed less brushes.   Some jigs come with weed guards so stiff that if we don’t cut them back we will miss many Bass.  But some are so fragile, the slightest touch of vegetation sends the hook into it, which causes frustration out on the water.  Every application has its use.  The stiff bristles, obviously, are used in dense cover and the opposite in less dense conditions. 

Quite often the right jig color and match up comes with stiff weed guard brushes.  In order to use them in less dense weed cover I cut back the brushes so that it becomes less stiff.  I have 3 or 4 of each color and size so I can customize each and every one for different structure scenarios. 

A quick way of checking the jigs weed less capabilities is by holding the jig and running your index finger across the brushes down to the hook tip. You can see just how much pressure you have before your finger feels the point.  By doing this, it will help determine quickly what terrain the jig is good for and how it needs to be customized to fit your style of fishing.  Everyone is different; for myself, I prefer the brushes a little stiffer because there is nothing worse than having to clean your jig after every cast.  Besides, with a sharp hook and a good strong hook set the jig will bring the Bass to the boat. 

Jigs are a science.  Experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors then customize them to suite your style of fishing.  Confidence in putting quality Bass in the live well will be the outcome. 

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