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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Braided Line

By Nic DiGravio

If you are like me (a die hard ‘rope’ user) then you have probably, at one point or another, wondered why the polymer knot would give way! It took a few lost fish before I finally saw the light!  I learned long ago that using braided line required a second knot especially when fishing plastics! 

After you tie the initial polymer knot you will notice that the line is free of movement around the eye of the hook.  The flaw lies in that alone.  Because of its movement it tends to get caught in the end of the hooks eye where it meets the shank.  This is where the steel of the hook is sharp and in time it will sever our knots.  There is a remedy for this!

Tie the first knot as usual.  Then cut both ends close to the knot itself.  Slide the knot to the junction of the hooks eye and shank.  Now you can tie your normal polymer knot and you are good to go.  The first knot will keep the second knot from getting in the groove therefore keeping us Bass anglers worry free!

Braided LineBraided Line

This is the small price we have to pay for using braided line in our Bass fishing.  And if that’s what it takes to loose less Bass, then that is exactly what I will do!

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