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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Purchasing Your first Bait Casting Reel

By Nic DiGravio

bait-casting reel

The most important thing to consider when purchasing your first bait casting reel is; if you don’t like it what do you do then?  Well you can sell it privately or maybe even put it aside and forget about it altogether or better yet; you can actually take the time and learn how to use one and find out what you’ve been missing out on all this time!  No, really, when looking for your first bait-casting reel I would strongly suggest purchasing something not too expensive.   Nowadays, even the low-end bait casters out there are pretty good quality reels even without spending a fortune. 

While working the outdoor shows I have sold low end bait casting reels to first time buyers and was not surprised to see them the next year with a grin from ear to ear and ready to take a step up in the quality of reel.  I try to convince the good folks to purchase a bait casting reel that is easy to use and won’t break their wallet.  I strongly think that the low end reel will do wonders for the first time buyer because the low quality alone is responsible for helping him or her hone in on the casting skills.  To go to a high end bait-casting reel right off would be a purchase that the buyer and the seller may regret.  The free spooling magic of the quality reels today could be troublesome to a first timer because if they don’t master the thumbing of the reel quick it will backlash with a vengeance causing frustration and therefore neglecting that good money spent.  Going the low end route will not only save you money it will get you ready for your next purchase, which will be the step up.  You can still use the first one you purchased for fast baits, but now you can start your specialty rigging which comes with multiple combos of rods and reels for techniques such as pitching, dunking or finessing, to name a few. 

Basically when purchasing a bait casting reel for the first time don’t just jump into it, let’s take one step at a time.  Getting a reel that is limited as far as free spooling goes makes for a good teacher!  I still have my very first bait casting reel and it taught me well. 

Over the years of selling low-end reels to first time buyers has paid off because some first time buyers have become second and third time buyers.  But hopefully, for your sake, you don’t become like me a 50th time buyer!  Thank god my wife loves me…….I think! 

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