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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Zara Spook

by Nic DiGravio

Zara SpookThe Zara Spook has produced for me time and time again. Its a good choice for a top water bait. 'Walking' this lure on the water surface makes it by far the most exciting bait to use because of the explosive hits they get. On my boat it is nicknamed the 'fish finder' and that says it all.

Walking the dog method of fishing the Zara Spook is the way to go, fast or slow. This method of fishing makes the cigar shaped bait move from side to side while edging forward. I think the best way in achieving this is by twitching your rod tip with your wrists toward you while reeling in as opposed to the side. In my opinion it gives you much more control of the walk. The rod length is also important, so keep in mind your boat's casting platform height when making your choice. I am about 5'6" and a 5 ft. good medium action rod works great for me, but it's what feels right for you.

When you have it down to a science you will thank yourself over and over again for getting this lure on your boat! The ruckus this Zara Spook makes with its beads and water moving ability is enough to wake up any snoozing Bass in its vicinity. You never know when it will 'explode' with a fish so always be ready for anything!

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