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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Yamamoto 8 Inch Grub

By Nic DiGravio

yamamoto 8 inch GrubThe Yamamoto 8-inch grub is fine Bass catching bait! It has just enough buoyancy to fall tantalizingly to the bottom, dancing the curly tail ‘Bass twist’. Bass in the vicinity cannot miss it!

The tail is not its only asset. I am sure the Bass hone in on it on the initial fall, but it’s the first bite that gets them every time! It’s all meat to the Bass! Just feel one for yourself and you will know why the Bass won’t let go. I rarely loose a fish using the 8-inch grub because it feels so good the Bass can’t resist they have to have more!

Deep undercut banks, weed matted bays, lumber, you name it, combined with 2 feet of water or more, and the Yamamoto 8 inch grub shines. The deeper the water the longer it does its dance. For a faster ‘Bass twist’ I rig the 8-inch grub Texas, with a bullet weight on a 5/O rigging hook from Owner. It works especially well in deeper water to give it a steady tail-dancing fall!

They are different than the average size grub normally used, but when it comes to catching Bass the Yamamoto 8 inch grub is effective! Why wouldn’t we have them in our tackle boxes?

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