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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Yamamoto 5" Crawdad

By Nic DiGravio

yamamoto 5 inch crawdad

Yamamoto does it again!  Yes sir, ‘Bass candy’ is what I call this 5” Crawdad.  It has put Bass after Bass in my tournament live well and it will for you too! 

Like all of Yamamoto baits the craw is no exception to that good quality salt impregnation which gives it that realistic feel for the Bass, not to mention the all important buoyancy, for the irresistible dance to the lake bottom.  Dead sticking the Yamamoto Crawdad has taken its share of Bass.  They can only resist for so long before they eventually just have to have a bite.  Trust me, it works!

You can rig it finessed on its own like mentioned above or as I like to rig it, Texas with a screw on bullet weight.  Depending on the cover and the depth of the water I weight it accordingly.  With deeper water and thick cover more weight is required to get it through the debris and down to the bottom where the Bass lurk.  After the cast or pitch, work the Yamamoto Crawdad back slowly in and around the cover with long pauses and it will surprise you with its ability to fool the Bass. 

The Yamamoto 5” Crawdad is an excellent plastic bait for both Largemouth and Smallmouth and it has proven its worthiness, ten fold.  It has earned its reputation and will always have a good home in my tackle box!  

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