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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Ten Inch Tiki Ribbon Tail Worm

By Nic DiGravio

Wave WormA new worm is finding a good home in my tackle box!  The ten-inch psychedelic looking Tiki-Ribbon Tail worm from Wave Worms looks amazingly different out of the water.  Check out what it looks like in the water.  It looks almost like the real thing, color and all.  Sweet potato pie; a great name for the color I think!  It sure sounds yummy to me and I know it must be yummy to the Bass because they seem to like it too!

Wave Worms is a relatively new plastics company that is finding its way into many Bass anglers tackle boxes because they work.  This particular worm color pattern is unique.  It caught my eye at the tackle shop and it caught Bass on the water! 

I rig it with a 5/0 Owner rigging hook Texas style for finessing or with a screw on Bullet weight to get it down deep.  Keep a close eye on your line as it falls because it just might not make it to the bottom!  The swirl series is that good!

 baasss fishing tackle wave worm

Grab a bag of the Tiki-Ribbon Tail ten-inch worms from Wave Worms and smell for yourself.  That alluring liquorish scent is so dominant and long lasting; no wonder its candy to the Bass!

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