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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


The Porker

By Nic DiGravio

The proker bass fishing lure

The Porker, which for years was known as the infamous Pork-‘O’, has been around for as long as I can remember.  Thanks to the good folks at Uncle Josh this pork rind bait is still utilized by Bass anglers today.  Not using this excellent bait is missing out on the action!

The porker comes in different colors and lengths, but my personal favourite is the 5 1\2 inch in natural.  It has been producing Bass for me for many years and when it almost became ‘extinct’ I guarded my jars like they were gold.  ‘Platinum’, I think, better fits its reputation!

Rigging it is as easy as pie.  It already comes equipped with a hole because if you haven’t used pork rind, believe me it is very difficult to puncture without the assistance of that hole.  I like to rig it on to a 4 or 5\0 weed less hook.  You can work it through virtually any type of terrain for the lunkers without hang-ups.  The only draw back is re-setting the weed less wire once in a while, but for the amount of hawgs it puts in my live well; pleasure! 

Let your imagination run wild when working Uncle Josh’s Porker because anything goes.  I jerk it, twitch it, work it slow, work it fast, finesse it, you name it the Porker will work wonders for your Bass outings. 

The Porker, by Uncle Josh is another specialty bait that has been satisfying Bass anglers, pro or not, for what seems like an eternity and for that reason alone one must ask themselves; “I wonder why that is?” 

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