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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Swim Bait Lure Review

by Todd Spurgeon

Swim Bait lureNot just another piece of plastic you stick a jig through, but a moulded, multi-coloured, life like, weighted interpretation of the real thing.

These baits today have some of the most naturalistic colouring, moulding and action never before seen in plastic form. Unlike the tube jig, a sometimes shrewd interpretation of a swimming baitfish, the Swim Bait has an action pulsating tail that vibrates and brings fish in like a dinner bell.

Not only are these new breed of Swim Baits realistic, they have allowed for the weight of the bait as part of the lure presentation itself. With life like eyes, rattles and the best quality hooks available today. They're not just meant to catch fisherman, they actually catch fish!

The best presentation for baits like this is the 'enticing rod jarring' movements as fish of many species, not only bass, react to with great veracity. These baits are available in weights from 1/4 oz to 2 oz for deep, clear water such as Lake Erie.

The Swim Baits are also designed with horizontal presentation in mind. They key in on active fish willing to chase and provoke inactive fish into taking a 'swipe'.

The only downfall to this bait is that it's generally not a weed-less bait, but the Swim Bait is fantastic for burning through the water for trophy smallies.

Next time you're on the lake, give them a go and hold on!

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