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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Strike Kings Rage Tail

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing tackle tips

Strike Kings Rage Tail is something to rave about!  Just drop it in the water and you will see for yourself.  It does get Bass out of their cover to nail it because it is irresistible to them.  The claws flutter vigorously making its way down to bottom like a distress beacon.  Strike King is sure ringing the Bass dinner bell with this Rage Tail Chunk.

When I first saw the Rage Tail I felt confident in its ability to fool Bass.  Strike King has developed a nifty design in the claws.  They are cup shaped to give it more than just a twirl in its descend.  It literally moves water and causes a ruckus that no Bass can ignore! 

I have had good success trailering it on a 3\8 oz. jig.  The jig has enough weight to get the Rage Tail down to the Bass and the chunks fluttering is perfect in methodically teasing the Bass with just the right speed.  This worked great in 3 to 6 ft. of water, but you might want to up the jigs weight in deeper water, especially with thicker weed growth in the mix.

I can’t get enough of the Strike King Rage Tail.  It has exactly what I am looking for in a good trailer for my jigs.  It is impregnated with just enough salt for good boyancy with great Bass attracting movement and comes in just the right colors for my Bass fishing.  Last season was its first season on my boat and I can guarantee you it won’t be the last! 

Try it for yourself with your favourite jigs and you will know why I rave about the Strike King Rage Tail.  It is right up there with my other go-to trailers and there it will stay!

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