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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Spider Wire Invisi-Braid

By Nic DiGravio

spider wire-bass fishing tackleSpider Wire has answered our calls!  Finally, a nearly invisible line with the superior strength of braid.  That is a true ingredient for success on the water.  Confidence booster extraordinaire!  You get the point; Spider Wire Invisi-Braid is a must have fishing line for any serious Bass angler. 

I have been using it this ’08 season and so far it has me overwhelmed with its ability to get Bass in my live well.  I put it to the ultimate test in one of the clearest pristine lakes in my area, and it not only produced, it out-produced! 

It is extremely strong, sensitive, and thin.  Spider Wire Invisi-Braid is a great asset for the spinning gear fanatic.  Now, skipping, wacky worming, shaky rigging, even drop shotting can be accomplished with the utmost confidence in that the Bass will be coming in to shore or the boat.   

Whether its 50lb braid for pitching or 6lb braid for finessing, Spider Wire Invisi-Braid will surprise you with its ‘hook-up’ qualities.  I am not a scientist by any means, but I have been known to dabble with different products for experimentation and, so…in my findings Spider Wire’s Invisi-Braid has the following results:

Who?……..Spider Wire Invisi-Braid!
What?.........Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass!
Where?.......Any body of water; clear or not!
Why?..........Because it practically disappears under water, it’s strong, long lasting
       and…oh, I almost forgot; it works! 

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