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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


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the senko worm

by Justin Toth

Senko tools

When trying to locate bass in the thick of weeds, points, docks, shoals, murky water, lily pads or whatever the situation, a preferred bait by Canadians is a Senko Worm. Senko worms work year round in our waters. The reason for this is that the bait has the natural characteristics of a worm, leach or small bait fish. Fish key in on these baits all year. The Senko Worm is a simple design. They vary in length and colours and can be rigged several different ways.

Texas Style

The most common way to rig the Senko Worm is Texas style. For instance, if you are fishing 1 to 10 feet of water there is no need to add weight to the lure. There is enough weight in the hook and Senko together to cast out and let it have a natural presentation when the bait starts to sink. When the bait is sinking, it naturally vibrates and wiggles back and forth. This is irresistible to fish. Expect to get a hit when the bait is free falling. This is the best way for a slow presentation. Even if you're fishing deep waters, wait for it to sink. I can't stress it enough not to add extra weight directly to the bait. It will not get the action it should in my opinion. If you would prefer to use it as a mid surface jerk bait, just jerk it and pause. Repeat this and you will have an injured looking bait fish. Senko Worms are also extremely easy to skip on the surface of water. This is handy if you're trying to get directly under a swimming platform or boathouse where the big ones tend to lurk.

Senko Wacky Style

One other method of rigging this fabulous bait is to do it wacky style. This is a method of taking a regular live bait hook and sticking it right through the middle of the bait. You could also get an "0" ring and slide it into the middle of the bait and then stick the hook through it instead of the bait. This way the Senko won't break so easily. It looks exotic but by all means, it works! It's my favorite way to rig this bait. When presenting Senko Worm "wacky" style you can add nail weights to both ends of the bait. This gives the bait the ability to sink faster on the way down to the bottom. When I have the bait rigged this way, I almost always use a spinning rod just because my presentation is always on the bottom and you need to be sensitive to that when fishing with such light bait. To work the bait properly, let the bait sink down to the bottom and then jerk it up a few feet and while it's sinking give it a few small taps. Exercise this until you find a technique that works for you and the fish. When the worm is rigged wacky it most likely resembles a leach or a worm so try to give it that type of action.

Selecting the colour to choose is really quite simple. For dark waters pick dark coulors like black, blue, purple, brown, green and grey. For clear waters choose your whites, yellows, reds and pinks. The best thing to do is have a wide selection of colours ready to throw out. Generally one colour always out performs the other. Look into the water and find out what colour the leaches and bait fish are and try to match it to the colour you choose. The hard part is just taking the time to figure it out by trial and error.

The Senko Worm doesn't just work for bass. I have had several Pike and Muskie blow up on them when you would least expect it. This is just an all 'round' good bait.

Hopefully by giving it a shot you will improve your number of fish in the boat and learn how to fish using a Senko Worm. I especially recommend this type of bait to those who are just starting out but also for those who have fished for years.

It's a simple bait, but it works! Purchase Senko Worms at Land Big Fish.

**NEW PRO BASS FISHING ARTICLE**... Senko Worm Tactics Click Here


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