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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Seagaur Fluorocarbon Line

By Nic DiGravio

seagaur fluorocarbon line

The market has a few good manufactures of fluorocarbon line.  Seaguar is definitely one of them.  I have had good luck with Seaguar fluorocarbon simply because it is good strong line that gets the job done.  Some fluorocarbons have line memory that can aggravate the heartiest of anglers, but with Seaguar it is obsolete.  It is a solid dependable fluorocarbon line.

Whether its 20lb or 6lb line Seaguar gives me confidence in its ability to bring in the big one.  Whatever situation a days fishing brings, this fluorocarbon is meant for it.  Low visibility, low stretch and knot holding features are good qualities to have.  With its soft characteristic trait it makes for easy and smooth casting too. 

Seaguar fluorocarbon line is hard to beat.  It has been a part of my tackle as long as I can remember.  Bass after Bass Seaguar has fit the bill and always will because it is a product that has not let me down! 

I put fluorocarbon line to the test, believe me, and if Seaguar can come out of one of my Bass outings still in tact then it has my nod.  Over the many years being on the water it has earned my respect and gratitude for every ‘hawg’ it has introduced to my live well!  And that is why I keep using it and probably always will! 

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