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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


rapala Jointed Shad Rap

By Nic DiGravioRapala Jointed Shad Rap - Fishing Tackle

I love cranking and the Bass love it too!  Through the years the Rapala jointed Shad-Rap has played a major roll in my Bass fishing success!

Still to this day this gem of a crank bait puts fish in the live well.  The crayfish pattern is especially productive for Smallmouth in and around docks and boulder infested waters.  When you want to mimic Cray fish then the Rapala jointed Shad Rap is the way to go!

Deep or relatively shallow water is no problem for this crank bait.  Bounce
it off bottom debris to call in the Smallmouth or crank it fast in drop offs
to get the active Bass.  Use it in distinct weed lines for Largemouth too! 

The Rapala jointed Shad Rap is a great asset in a Bass angler’s arsenal so don’t leave it behind!


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