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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Husky Jerk Bait

Rapala Husky Jerk

by Nic DiGravio

Ah yes, the good old Husky Jerk bait, a must for any bass fishing enthusiast. The smallmouth love them, and the largemouth eat'em up! This versatile bait, with its tantalizing wobble, and its realistic 'dying' behavior, consistently brings the big brutes out of the depths. The Husky Jerk appears to be an easy meal, and because of this, and the fact that you can make it suspend in front of their faces, the bass just can't resist it. Remember, bass are opportunists, if they see a potential meal and they don't have to exert a lot of energy, then "Hey, why not?" .

The Husky Jerk is great for baitcasting gear, but spinning gear will work just as well. I like to use a medium heavy 6'6" rod because I can twitch it better with a stiffer rod, and it allows me to feel every little thing the bait is doing. If the bass are in cover such as scattered weed clumps, I like to use the little 3" Husky Jerk in fire tiger chartreuse colour. I cast it past the cover I think the bass are hiding in and I twitch it to their front door, then I let it suspend there for a while. Eventually the Husky Jerk will wear out its welcome and the bass will nail it. I have caught many largemouth this way because I think the action mimics a little leopard frog really well.

If you're fishing a flat of approximately 12ft of water, and the bottom 6 ft is weedy, I'd definitely fish the top 6 ft of open water with a 6" Husky Jerk. In this situation, a few quick jerks and a short pause usually gets the bass to come out of the cover and ambush the lure. Another option would be to try the deep diving Husky Jerk. It works just as well for those deep water bass. The colour I choose varies from lake to lake but the results are the same, more bass in the boat.

The next time you are in your favourite tackle shop, make sure you stock up on some Rapala Husky Jerk baits. They have caught bass time and time again for me and they are a must for my tackle box. Give them a try, you will be glad you did. Happy fishing!

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