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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Quantum Tour Edition PT rod

by Nic DiGravio

Quantum Tour Edition PT rodThe Quantum Tour Edition PT rod is quite simply strong, durable and light weight. It just feels great in my hands and comes with a full life time warranty!

I am partial to the medium heavy action 6’6” rod for my finessing plastics and the 6’10” rod for flipping and pitching in a heavy action. The medium action makes for a good crank bait and spinner bait rod. Spinning or trigger style the Tour Edition is your ticket!

Did I mention ‘strong’! This rod is definitely tough. The biggest hog in the thickest of weeds doesn’t stand a chance using the Tour Edition PT rod. When going hard at it during a full day of tournament fishing this honey of a rod makes it effortless too!

The Quantum Tour Edition PT rod has earned its place in my boat. Go to your nearest tackle shop with your favorite reel in hand and try the Tour Edition for size. You will be pleasantly surprised how it fits your fishing style like a ‘glove’!

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