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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Quantum Accurist PT\Biffle Rod Combo

By Nic Di Gravio

accurist biffle bass fishing tackle

This is a match that no big Bass or heavy cover can contend with.  Believe me when I tell you that this combo is up for the task!  An angler only has to put this combo in their hands to fully understand what I’m talking about.  It is a heavy cover confidence boost like no other and costs little considering what you really get. 

Pitching and flipping has never seen such a sweet combo in action as this.  It is made up of 7’6” of ‘telephone post’ power with the feel of a mere toothpick; and the smooth and consistent capabilities with that added bonus flipping switch of a reel that fits like a glove!

The Quantum Accurist PT burner bait caster is an excellent buy in my opinion.  I can pitch and flip effortlessly and it has a 7:0:1 gear ratio to make the in between pitches shorter keeping that all-important bait wet as much as possible.  You can pinpoint pockets accurately and set the hook as hard as you want because the Accurist can take it and then some. 

The Accurist PT makes a complete package combined with the heavy action 7’6” Tommy Biffle PT Tour edition rod.  Good strong hook setting capability in a reel is basically obsolete if you don’t have the rod to back it up, in my opinion.  Well, with the Biffle Tour edition rod you have back up big time.  Pick one up for yourself and discover why I like this rod.  At 5’6” tall and weighing, well let’s just say that I am not big by any means, but this rod can be fished all day.  It feels great and performs like it looks which gives me piece of mind when I go to set the hook on a big Bass in heavy cover.

Quantum’s Accurist PT and Tommy Biffle 7’6” Tour Edition heavy action rod is another specialty combo that fits the Bass bill.  Try it for yourself and you too will discover why I like this match of ‘brute’ with ‘brute’ to fish heavy jigs in heavy ‘Grade A’ Bass cover!

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