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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Power Pro

Power Pro fishing Line

by Nic DiGravio

Power Pro is excellent line! Plain and simple. It casts like a dream, lasts forever and it's tough to beat under any condition. This line will detect the lightest tap and yet hold on tough for the strongest of fish. If you use braided line then Power Pro is the line of choice.

With 15lb Power Pro I have all the confidence in the world to pull big hogs out of thick cover. For smallmouth I use it as well for cranking or even twitching a stick bait, but for small plastics I like to use 7 or even 10 lb test. Power Pro is versatile too, and to me versatility is what makes a great product.Power Pro fishing Line

Power Pro has made all the difference for me and it could for you too! After all, if tournament anglers use it to put fish in the boat, then why not anyone else! Ultimately, we are after the same thing, catching fish! Whether you fish for a living or just for fun why not do both with Power Pro.

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