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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Mizmo & Picasso Shaky Combo

By Nic Di Gravio

mizmo - Picasso combo - bass fishing

The combination of the Mizmo Scorpion and the Picasso Shake Down jig has fooled many Smallmouth.  They are both new on the tackle shelves and are finding their way into many tackle boxes and for good reason; this combo works!

Mizmo has a great shaky rig plastic in the Scorpion.  When the Smallmouth got a hold of them they wouldn’t let go and that is a sure sign of a good bait!  During the shake on bottom the Scorpion with its small slender body wiggles to no end therefore giving the Bass no choice, but to seek and destroy!  The paddle tail is what caught my eye at first. I know darn well that plastics with these types of tails quiver back and forth at an astonishing rate making it a great asset to a shaky rig setup.  The little stinger gives it an added affect making the Mizmo Scorpion an all around good shaky rig bait and lasts Bass after Bass. 

Picassos Shake Down series shaky jig heads are long lasting too, not to mention, durable and sharp!  The different colors of finish stay colored and the Bass stay hooked with the Gamakatsu hook.  The jig head spring keeps the bait intact and it’s small enough to keep even the smallest bait still.  What I like most about the Picasso shaky jigs is that there is less fixing of the baits and more time fishing the bait and that is definitely a bonus.  It keeps the rig wet and that ups our odds immensely; no fussing, just fishing!

I have put the Mizmo and Picasso shaky bait combo to the test this season and so far it has my vote in the top bait of the 2008 season.  That is how I impressed I am  with its hook up ratio.  So when you want to get down and ‘shake’ down try the Mizmo and Picasso combo for yourself and you too will be amazed at its ability to put Bass in your live well! 

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