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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Magic ShadMagic Shad

By Nic DiGravio

When it comes to soft jerk baits the Magic Shad gets the vote of confidence in many different situations. When I am faced with clear water conditions I reach for my Lake Fork Magic Shad and cast it a good distance. I let it fall abruptly so that the Bass know its there. Giving it plenty of slack, I let it glide ever so gently down on its own merit. Once it stops moving don’t reel in, let it sit there, ‘dead sticking’ it for a few seconds. Jerk it, then reel in some more and let it sit. Using the Magic Shad with this method has been very successful in my Bass fishing.

A good asset the Magic Shad has is the ability to work matted weeds very well. It is excellent weed less bait! Simply cast it out there. Then, using the rod move it towards you so that it can find a hole in the weed patches and again giving it slack line, let it fall gracefully. You will be pleasantly surprised at its Bass catching capabilities.

I use a 5/0 Owner wide gap rigging hook with my Lake Fork Magic Shad. I have done experiments out in the field and know that with this set up, it moves down the water column just like the real thing swinging its tail side to side minding its own business until WHAM!!!!!!!

The Lake Fork Magic Shad comes in all sorts of sizes and colors with that infamous garlic scent, so choose your weapon for whatever your Bass fishing heart desires. Twitch it, dead stick it, or just plain reel it in, this bait is simply a ‘must have’ in your arsenal.

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