Lake Fork Pig Craw

by Nic DiGravio

The Lake Fork Pig Claw is an excellent jig trailer I happen to have a lot of confidence in! It calls the Largemouth, since they hone in on its strong scent! Just open a package and smell for yourself! lake fork pig craw

The package clearly states, “The lures with an attitude”. When a bait has such a potent garlic scent and an authentic appearance, it’s no wonder it has an ‘attitude’. The Bass caught with the Lake Fork Pig Claw know it too! Seriously now, this trailer works!

There is no shaping or cutting of any kind for my Bass fishing. It’s a simple ‘hook and go’ routine, it is time efficient and it lasts a long time. It’s a trailer fit for tough, thick cover jig fishing!

The Lake Fork Pig Claw looks and smells potent. It has the right to be on the hooks of my jigs because of its track record and that spells BASS in my book!


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