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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Gambler Rat'lin Goop Weight

By Nic DiGravio

gambler goop weightA little rattle goes a long way!  And what better way of incorporating it in our baits than in the bullet weight itself? 

Gambler never ceases to amaze me with their innovative products.  The Rat’lin Florida Rig Goop weight is brilliant, even without the rattle.  It will stay put where I set it and there is no fuss getting it to snug up against even the saltiest plastics.  Screw on weights are handy, yes, but when it comes to using salty baits they don’t hold very well or for very long.  The Gambler Rat’lin Goop weight solves the one fish salty bait dilemma.  It literally prolongs the life of the bait by sliding to it not in it.  It’s all in the ‘Goop’! 

It is simple to use and durable, especially when using braided line.  I think they go hand in hand.  Just push the threader provided in the package through the weight from the bait end until it protrudes past the tip.  Thread your fishing line through the hole in the pin itself, fold your line and pull the threader back through the same way it came in.  Once through you have a tight seal in the Goop and your line.  Hook you favourite plastic and slide the Gambler Rat’lin weight until it fits snug and you’re good to go, for quite a while, I might add.

The Gambler Rat’lin weight converts any bait into a ‘rattler’.  Any product that ups our odds like that is a good product.  Whether it’s in different colors, sizes, scents, techniques, it doesn’t matter, anything, even rattles, whatever it takes to get that big Bass on the end of our lines.  Gambler is one of the many versatile products that have helped us do that.  It has been helping me for years, that’s why it's on my fishing tackle wall of fame!  

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