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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Frenzy Crankbait by Berkley

by Nic DiGravio

Frenzy Lures

When I see a shoreline with a good steady drop off I reach for the rod rigged with the Frenzy Crankbait. I cast it right into shore and burn it home to wake up the bass. Normally it's the first cast that gets them every time. You can also work it slowly to get the fussy bass to hone in on it, but once they do, hold on!

I like to rig it to a baitcasting outfit with a 6' 6" medium rod, and a good supply of Power Pro 15lb test. It's all in what feels best for you. This bait is very versatile too. Try fishing it in distinct weed edges, even if it is 3' to 5' deep, just keep your rod tip high while reeling in. The trick is to bring the bait past their hideout and make it irresistible to them. Casting it in and around docks, mid lake humps or even the flats also works great.

It doesn't matter where you use the Berkley Frenzy Crankbait, it catches bass consistently and works them into a frenzy, just like the name says!

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