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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Flipping Tube Jigs

by Nic DiGravio

flipping tube jigFlipping a tube jig is nothing new to the Bass Fishing industry! They are still readily used to put big Bass in the live well because they work!

Rigging the flipping tube jig weightless is the best way for it to do its thing, but rigging it with a weight gets it through thick matted weeds when needed. Different situations call for different rigging methods to get the job done!

Ordinarily a flipping tube jig is 4” and up to fill the heartiest of Bass bellies. There are many different brands out there such as Mizmo and Strike King, the list is endless. Purchasing tubes impregnated with salt is always a good choice for that added fish holding capability for a good hook set.

When I’m flipping in docks or sparse weed cover, I like to rig my tube with my 5/O Owner hook penetrating both layers of skin. I then embed the hook point back in the second layer for somewhat weed less fishing for a fast hook set. Thick weed growth, however, requires the Texas styled Owner hook penetrating the first layer of skin only to make it much more weed prone. Using this method requires a good strong hook set to get the hook through the second layer of tube skin, not to mention the mouth of the Bass. Wait until you feel the weight of the Bass before setting the hook!

Hidden tube weights are an excellent way of getting your flipping tube down through the slop with the weight being totally hidden in the void of the tube itself. These ‘in tube’ weights also come with built in rattles for added attraction to give us an edge in our Bass outings. As with the tube jig, there are many different manufacturers of hidden weights in the industry today and any of them will do the trick. Experiment with what’s out there to find out what size works best for you. I like the 1/4 ounce myself under normal conditions, but again, having a few to choose from is common sense, I think.

The flipping tube jig is a proven winner in my Bass fishing. Plastic bait has no limits to its use. Versatile baits like this are in my tackle box for a good reason, because they earn the right to be there, plain and simple!

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