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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Gambler's 5" Flapp'n Tail Worm

By Nic DiGravio

Flapp n tail wormThe five inch Flapp’n Tail Worm by Gambler is nothing but pure genius! It is a multi tasked plastic that lasts a long time. This fish after fish bait is good bang for the anglers buck! And the Flapp’n Worm’s garlic scent goes on and on too!

Try it finessed on it’s own with a 3/0 Owner rigging hook and let it do its thing. Waving its tail back and forth like the real thing gets the Bass’ attention. In deeper water I rig it with a screw on bullet weight, Texas. As it quickly moves to the bottom the tail vigorously wiggles and entices any finned creature in the vicinity to strike and Bass are no exception!

You can twitch it, dunk it, dead stick it, finesse it, work it slow or work it fast it doesn’t matter. The five inch Flapp’n Tail Worm from Gambler has amazing versatility to get the job done! It catches Bass

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