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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Buzz Bait

By Nic DiGravio

Buzz BaitFor those of you who are not familiar with the Buzz Bait I would strongly suggest doing so quickly! This is another ‘fast bait’ fish finder. Meaning, it finds fish in a hurry! If the Bass are active they will take this surface bait with open mouths!

They are easy to use. Just cast it out, and with the rod tip at eleven o’clock reel it in just fast enough to keep it on the water surface giving the Bass a loud target that is hard to miss. If one blade isn’t loud enough than how about two! Two blades are used with just as much success. It’s just a way to ‘kick it up a notch’ in case the Bass are a little hard of hearing that day.

A 6’6” to 7’ medium action spinning rod will do the trick to get the Buzz Bait out there. The lighter action is called for in this case because you want the elasticity of the tip to get this light weight bait out as far as possible while also having enough back bone to bring the Bass home!

Keep it handy when dock fishing for Bass. While moving from one dock to the other work the Buzz Bait during this short interlude, and you will be pleasantly surprised as to its success! Try it, you’ll like it!

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