Boss Rat

by Nic DiGravio

Boss RatThe Boss Rat, better known as the ‘dirty rat’ in my boat, is a must have for any Bass angler. It’s made by Snag Proof so you know that it is an excellent weed less top water bait.

The Boss Rat is very simple to use, and it makes for easy casting. After the initial cast let it sit for a while, say a good 10 seconds or until the ripples have dissipated. Then twitch it towards you a little bit at a time working it slowly and reeling in the slack. When you see the strike give the fish time to get the Boss Rat into them and when you feel tension set the hook hard.

When I was first introduced to the Boss Rat I chuckled! But now I’m serious when I say “Bass fishing with the ‘dirty rat’ is no laughing matter” it attracts big hogs because it looks and feels like a perfect easy meal”! A good tip when using the Boss Rat is remembering to squeeze the access water out of it every 2nd or 3rd cast so that it can float properly and do its thing.

The Boss Rat, by Snag Proof, it made a believer out of me and it will make a believer out of you too! Try it!

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