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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Booyah Spinner Bait

By Nic DiGravio

booyah spinner bait - bass fishing tackle

Booyah makes a good long lasting tandem spinner bait.  It is well built at a good price.  We all know that our Bass budget these days is limited so with the Booyah spinner bait you definitely get more than what you pay for! 

In the field the booyah bait family has performed well for me over the years.  Their line of spinner baits still produces Bass after Bass.  The thing I like most about this bait is its ability to hold a trailer without loosing its path of travel.  That is very important to me because 90 percent of the time there is a trailer on the hooks of my spinner baits. 

Booyah spinner baits come in many brilliant colors and blade combinations for the ultimate flash in the water.  Another asset is its eyes, they look authentic and I think it really helps entice strikes.  The Bass can’t miss them, that’s for sure!

Try one for yourself and you will believe.  Whether it’s slow rolling or fast pace surface spinning this Booyah spinner bait will surprise you with its hook up ability!  I believe in it and that’s why I have them ready and willing in my tackle box! 

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