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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


blue Water Optics Sunglasses

By Nic DiGravio

blue-water-optics-sunglasses-bass fishing tackle

Polarized Sunglasses are in my opinion the number one tackle!  They are a ‘must have’.  So much so that if you fish without them then……………”How do you?” 

Blue Water Optics makes a good pair of sturdy yet flexible fishing glasses.  They fit me perfectly and are comfortable to wear.  I forget I even have them on!  When taking pictures I have to be reminded to take them off.

Sunglasses are essential to success out in the water.  We Bass anglers need to see what we are fishing as far as structure goes and it is more necessary in Bass fishing.  Submerged weeds or any type of structure are easy to find with a good pair of glasses like the Blue Water Optics. 

After all, tackle is the means we use to get the Bass in our live well.  And if being able to see the very habitat that Mr. Bass lives in, then sunglasses should be a part of our tackle.  It protects us from the suns harmful rays and makes the Bass vulnerable as we can see their whereabouts. 

So, any object that helps put odds in our favour makes for good tackle and Blue Water Optics is money well spent! 

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