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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Black Mamba Bait

by Justin Toth

At some time most fisherman will come to realize that certain lures out perform others in several different ways. The Black Mamba is one of my favorite baits to throw in a wide variety of structure. There are four types of Black Mamba baits, but the one that I throw most often is the 'Slick Willy'. The neat thing about this bait is that it can be used in several different ways. It is effective as a top water bait, jerk bait, a finesse-bait or as a trailer on a spinner bait. The best feature of the Black Mamba's 'Slick Willy' is the way it skips effortlessly across the water. This is ideal if you like to fish docks and want to get to the fish underneath it.

To rig this Black Mamba bait for top water don't add any weight to it and set the hook back about an inch. This causes the bait to have a lip so it planes the surface of the water. When working the 'Slick Willy' for top water, use a sporadic twitching motion to the rod. This makes the bait jump out of the water and mimic an injured bait fish. If the fish are deep just insert nail weights anywhere in the bait to get it down there. If the fishing is slow and the fish aren't too active, turn the Black Mamba lure into a finesse bait by rigging it weightless, Texas style at the nose . Then fish it very slow.

To 'beef' up your spinner baits, cut the 'Slick Willy' in half and hook the tail half to your spinner.

When choosing a colour, keep in mind the clarity of the water and the type of bait fish you're trying to mimic. If it's dark and overcast, try playing around with a gold or yellow bellied Black Mamba lure. These baits come in great colour combinations so experiment to see what works best for you. A good trick I've used when fishing the 'Slick Willy' in muddy water is adding a sparkly fleck to it. This gives it that extra flash which catches the fish's eye.

These baits are a must for any fishing situation so get yourself some Black Mamba lures for your tackle box. They work!

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