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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Best Bass Bait of the 2007 Season

By Nic DiGravio

Best Bass Bait

It is definitely a hard decision choosing the best all around bait of this past season.  In my decision I considered key factors such as versatility, weather, longevity and performance to name a few.  I had to choose a bait that brings confidence to the table as well as many other parameters.  After careful consideration and on the water experimenting, I think the best bait of the ’07 season is the 6” grub by Yamamoto.  Yes…..a grub!  Hey, don’t knock it!  It was responsible for the biggest Bass of the season, not to mention the most fun to work with in any type of structure you can imagine. 

Yamamotos 6” grub is slightly lighter than its 8” cousin.  This makes it ideal for skipping it under docks weightless.  Rigged Texas with an Owner 3\0 wide gap rigging hook and a 1\8th screw-in bullet weight made it a good lethal weapon for this past year.  I was pitching it in weed pockets, along weed edges giving it plenty of line to fall hypnotically to the bottom.  Casting it out into boulder infested or weeded shallow flats and working it slowly by causing a debris cloud sure fooled the Smallmouth. 

Off shore shoals proved to be one of the 6” grubs forte.  Especially when weeds were in the mix with depths of 10 to 12 feet of water.  In many instances the grub would not even have a chance to reach bottom.  The Smallmouth would gobble them up in a hurry!  When it did reach the bottom I gave it a few jerks with the rod tip to give it some life, but not without that all important time to sit before hand.  Dead sticking it for that few crucial seconds before the jerk was all it took when the Smallmouth were in the vicinity.  That is why it is also important to cover every nook and cranny of all structure to get it as close to the finicky Bass as possible. 

When confronted with cold fronts I worked it slowly to get my Bass.  I found that fronts or weather changes prompted me to work the 6” grub by dunking it into any pocket found in good thick weed flats of 5 to 8 feet of water.  When Mother Nature brought her inconsistencies to the Bass I found them in flats like this because it made a perfect protective blanket for both the Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.  This is also where the 6” grub shined.  Dunking it into pockets, giving it just enough weight to get through the weed growth to bottom, was all it took to get them.  The trick here was to work the cover thoroughly, and with perseverance I was rewarded.    

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