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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Berkley Power Worm 7"

Berkley Power Worm florida rigged

by Nic DiGravio

The Berkley Power Worm has produced good numbers of Bucket mouth in the past and continues to do so. Rigged Texas style with a 3 odd wide gap rigging hook by Owner and 1/4 ounce ‘Florida rig’ Bullet weight makes the Berkley Power Worm an excellent tool for the trade.

You can also finesse the Worm weightless, which makes it both versatile and lethal when fished right.

The ‘Bio Salt’ combined with extra strength scent helps make the Bass grab on and hold on so that you have ample time to set the hook! Cast it out into the lily pads and let it fall into pockets while reeling in the slack or flip it into the holes in deep-weeded bays and you will find out why I use the Berkley Power Worm. It has earned my respect.

The 7” Berkley Power Worm comes in many color combinations so having one color just won’t do. My favorite colors are the red/black, black, black/blue and pumpkin seed. Quite simply there are two winning fundamentals; first, the twirling tail and second, the strong scent. In my outings I’ve found them to be a winning combo for catching Bass!


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