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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Berkley Power Hawg

By Nic DiGravio

berkley power hawgWhile working the fishing shows and sportsman shows in Ontario I see many new products come out each year.  Some more than others get my attention fast.  I must say, the new Berkley Power Hawg caught my eye instantly.  It had Bass catching features about it and when you opened the bag the main feature filled the whole booth with fish catching ‘aromas’. 

It is a ‘complete’ bait with all the right ‘stuff’ for pitching and flipping.  It has side ‘flippers’ along with curly tails that give it a good dance routine on its way down to bottom.  There are plenty of moving parts for the Bass to see and hone in on.  Keeping the Berkley Power Hawg constantly on the move is a sure bet for success.  The potent scent keeps the Bass holding on giving us anglers plenty of time to set the hook hard!

Texas rigging the Berkley Power Hawg has proven itself to be productive.  A bullet weight of 1\8 or 1\4 oz is plenty for semi thick cover fishing, but 3\8 oz and up will get the Power Hawg down in short order in heavy cover.  I have put good sizes and numbers of Largemouth in the live well using the four and five inch sizes.  Traditional colors of Black and Pumpkin Seed worked well as did great new colors such as Peanut Butter Jelly and Camo.

Great colors and great baits, it is what we have come to expect from Berkley.  The Power Hawg is another product that will help fill the live well in the coming years so it will always have a good home in my tackle box for as long as it wants!   

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