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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Berkley Power Craw

by Steve Chaisson

Quite often we make fishing way too complicated. It's difficult to resist the latest, greatest lures and colours to hit the market. Tried, tested, and true baits have stood the test of time and continue to be sold today because customers have kept up the demand for that style of lure. Simply put, they work!

Berkley's 4" Power Craw is a perfect example of a bait that is thrown by many of the top pro anglers in tournament competition. I can't think of a tournament, where largemouth were the target species, in my career that I have not had one of these baits tied on my Quantum Tour Edition flipping stick and Quantum Accurist PT baitcaster. Keeping it super simple, you only need two colours for largemouth. Black/blue for clear water, and black/chartreuse for dirtier water will cover the various water conditions you will encounter.

I like to pitch the craw with my flipping stick using 20 pound Trilene XT green. I will generally use a 3/16 oz. or a 1/4 oz. Gambler worm weight pegged to the craw and a 4/0 Mustad UltraPoint black nickel, offset worm hook to Texas rig the craw. If I'm fishing weeds or heavier cover, I will usually add a rattle in the plastic body to simulate the clicking of a crayfish's claws. Short hops on the bottom will mimic the action of a real crayfish. Berkley's exclusive power bait scent and flavour enhanced formula will cause largemouth to hold on to the bait longer and help you detect the pick up easier. Quite often they will swim off with it. If they swim away from the cover, it usually means there are more fish there so work the area over thoroughly.

Adding a power craw as a jig trailer will account for larger than average bucketmouths. Hop it along the bottom in a similar manner as the Texas rigged craw.

If I only had one choice of soft plastics for pitching and flipping, it would undoubtedly be the 4" Berkley Power Craw. Use the simple guidelines above for fishing the craw and you will catch lots of largemouth without breaking the bank on a ton of plastic that will end up sitting on the shelf in your basement.

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