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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Berkley Chunky trailer

By Nic DiGravio

berkley chunky trailer

Did you say Berkley, again!  Yes sir, I did, and I will keep saying it as long as the folks at Berkley keep making fine Bass catching products. 

This month we will touch on what makes a good jig combo.  First of all, along with good fish attracting action, it helps to have good strong scent. That’s where the Berkley Chunky Trailer delivers on both counts. 

Berkley, as usual, does have good strong fish holding scent in their Chunky Trailer therefore giving us anglers good hook sets.  It also has thin pincers that flap away in its descent to the bottom creating a visual target for the Bass.  Along with these advantages the Berkley Chunky Trailer comes in great fish catching colors that can easily be matched up with virtually any jig color combination.

Remember to try to give your jig hang time in its fall so that the visual effects can run its course.  To do that, we need to use the proper weight of jig.  I like to try to use the lightest jig I can get away with so weights of 3/8 and 1/2 oz are a good start.  Don’t be afraid to use 1\4 oz if need be, or for that matter, 3/4 or heavier if surface matted weeds are present.  I use whatever is needed to get that jig with the Berkley Chunky Trailer down to where the Bass are. 

The Berkley Chunky Trailer is another asset to put in our arsenal.  It’s part of mine and always will be.  It’s a simple bait with simple compact features that catches fish!

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