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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Berkley Bass Attractant

By Nic Digravio

Berkley Bass AttractantBass attractants on my boat are as essential as tackle it self! I don't leave home with out it! The Berkley Power Bait Attractant works!

Yes, there are excellent plastics out there that basically 'reek' when opening the package, but they loose their potency after a few casts. I just add a few drops of Berkley Power Attractant and the bait comes back to life! Lets face it, with the price of plastics these days its worth the dabble!

When dead-sticking your bait, add a generous amount of Berkley Power Bait scent to it for added aroma. While it's sitting there, 'stinking' up its surroundings the Bass cannot help but take notice! It helps keep the Bass holding on longer for a good hard hook set too!

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