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bass fishing resource tackle tips


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Lake Muskoka Walleye

by Nic DiGravio

muskoka walleyeAhhhhhh! Muskoka! Beautiful waters, to die for scenery……. and Walleye! “Did you say, Walleye?” It is paradise!

Muskoka is a big, diverse lake and offers sheltered bays and off shore Walleye fishing galore. The Walleye become active during the height of the summer and feed aggressively on the abundance of bait fish. Every Lake has its peek times and Muskoka is no exception making it my destination in the hot climate months of the year.

There are many ways to catch these tasty ‘eyes’, but I have my favorite rigs for Muskoka that produce for me. The local bait of choice is live bait. Worms and minnow get the nod and even leech’s work great. Anchored by the many points, shoals drop offs and humps these are proven methods. BUT, I love using my trusty white twister tail and muskoka walleye baitjig combo tipped with a good ‘chunk’ of dew worm. Even while anchored I keep the jig on the move ever so slowly reeling in slack and it gets its fair share of Walleye. Trolling with an inline spinner such as the Erie-Dearie has produced in drop offs tipped with a worm. I caught my biggest Muskoka Walleye at 36” and weighing in at 10lbs with a Frenzy crank bait casting into shore. I also like to bounce a lindy rig with a floating jig head/worm combo off bottom drifting or slow trolling it at depths of 20 to 35ft and have been rewarded for my efforts. Don’t forget your buoys to mark your route for slow troll traveling. muskoka walleye

Muskoka Lake’s bottom terrain consists of sharp ‘tundra’ so be prepared to retie constantly. I travel with several rods rigged the same and simply grab another quickly as to not loose the momentum.

Caution must be taken when traveling the lake in search for Walleye. A map is a must because of the many submerged rocks and it’s very easy to get lost in Lake Muskoka. Different islands, could all end up looking the same so, try to pinpoint particulars of each island so that you remember them, a G.P.S would definitely aid you in your travels.

The Walleye of Lake Muskoka are doing quite well thanks to the MNR sectioning off the Muskoka River during peak spawning runs. Let’s keep the Walleye alive and well in this great lake by doing our part in keeping the smaller fish for the pan and releasing the bigger fish for repopulating the lake.

History here is vibrant and noticeable, it’s everywhere thanks to the muskoka walleyewhistling of the Segwun and Wenonah II steamships heard echoing for miles, reminding us of Lake Muskoka’s proud heritage!



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