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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


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Lake Erie Silver Bass

by Nic DiGravio

silver BassLake Erie is an excellent fishery for Silver Bass. The Bass are in abundance and the lake receives much less fishing pressure for them than Perch. Silver Bass are easy to catch and excellent eating. The only draw back is when frozen, they develop a 'fishy' taste so keep in mind that your Silver Bass outings should be for the table that night or the night after. Trust me though when I say that the Silver Bass taste Superb!

During late May to the middle of June the Silver Bass spawn by the thousands in outflows, river mouths, rocky shorelines and reefs. This is the best and easiest time to catch them. Some of the ways to hook Silver Bass is by using small jerk baits, crankbaits, finesse minnows and worms, but my favorite is the 3"white Mr. Twister grub on an 1/8th or 1/4 ounce jig head. Berkley has the new 'Realistix' minnow power bait that worked very well combined with different style jig heads to fill the livesilver bass well.

silver bassDuring the summer months you will find the Silver Bass out in the open water feasting on bait fish but they are still relatively easy to catch. Trolling with light weighted spinners like the Erie-Dearie tipped with a worm and small crankbaits and minnow imitating baits will definitely work. You can even stay on top of them using your bowmount jigging with spoons and jig/grub combos.

Lake Erie Silver Bass have a lot in their favor.they taste great, fight hard and are easy to catch. Lets conserve our excellent Lake Erie fishery by keeping only what we can eat in one or two sittings and look forward to all the 'fun' we'll have coming back for more, rather than keeping them in the freezer!

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