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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


1. Senko Worm

2. Senko Worm Tactics

3. Ontario Bass Fishing

4. Braided Line

5. Finding Submerged
Weed Lines

6. PowerPro Fishing Line

7. Bait Cast or Spinning

8. Understanding Prop

9. Crippled Herrings

10. Flipping Tube Jigs


multi species fishing in ontario, canada

Hi everyone. We're moving all articles from "fishtheoutdoors.ca" and "ontariofishingtips.com" to this site. Throughout the year we will be adding fresh articles to this page. Hope you enjoy.

Planer Boards
Planer Boards are a ‘must have’, in my opinion. They work! There are many different fishing situations that call for this type of trolling, but yet many of us still fish without them!
read more on Planer Boards

Lake Muskoka Walleye
Ahhhhhh! Muskoka! Beautiful waters, to die for scenery……. and Walleye! “Did you say, Walleye?” It is paradise!
read more on Lake Muskoka Walleye



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Summer Steelheading
Steelheading in Ontario rivers isn’t limited to just the spring. Summer brings
off shore Steelheading into “prime time.”
read more on summer steelheading

Pike Fishing Reservoirs
The spring thaw and rain brings flooded reservoirs and a pike fishing window that is outstanding! The Pike hold in the flooded brush and timber, waiting to ambush virtually anything that comes their way.
read more on pike reservoirs

Lake Erie Silver Bass
Lake Erie is an excellent fishery for Silver Bass. The Bass are in abundance and the lake receives much less fishing pressure for them than Perch.
read more on Lake Erie Silver Bass

Niagara, Precision Trolling!
The mouth of the Niagara River is truly a fisherman’s paradise. When we approached the mouth of this fantastic river the sonar was in its glory! Fish were everywhere! Why we ask? read more on Niagara River Trolling

Perch, Erie Style
It’s been a long time since the Perch fishing in Lake Erie has been this good. It’s just like the days of old when Perch seekers of all ages would get together with their families and friends for a good day of Perch fishing.read more about Lake Erie Perch

Spring Salmon Tactics
There is a lot to be said about a fresh 20lb spring silver Chinook salmon at the end of your line. That being said there is no taste in the world that is
even close to a Salmon fillet sizzling over the hot barbeque coals.
spring salmon, read more

fishing Rods
When fishing for different species of fish there are a few types of rods most anglers prefer to use, depending on the type of situation. Most of the time it comes down to using a practical rod. read more about fishing rods

The 'Gems' of Lake Nippissing
Lake Nippissing, with its picturesque views is not just a ‘pretty’ face. It’s an angler’s paradise. The waters of Lake Nippissing are home to many species of fish. read more about fishing Lake Nippissing